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Solstice Solar Roofing System

CertainTeed's Solstice Shingle: Innovative solar roofing that combines aesthetics, high energy efficiency, and durability. Seamlessly integrate solar technology into your home for sustainable energy generation and reduced carbon footprint. Experience the benefits of solar energy without compromising style or performance.


CertainTeed solar shingles employ the same fundamental solar technology as standard solar PV panels and other solar roofing options, however, because of the nature of the product, CertainTeed's solar shingles will produce less electricity than a similarly sized roof-mounted solar panel system. According to CertainTeed's product specifications, the Solstice Shingle system has an active cell efficiency of 19.85%, within the typical efficiency range for standard solar panels, with average ratings between 17% and 20%. SunPower and Canadian Solar lead the industry with a conversion efficiency of 22.8% for their respective M Series 440 W panel and HiHero 445H-AG panel. Like other electronic equipment, solar panels can overheat. One drawback to solar shingles is that they don't allow as much air circulation underneath the solar cells to cool them. So, while this installation style creates a low-profile look, it also typically comes with lower electricity production.


Installers can complete traditional solar panel installations in just a few hours; the installation process for CertainTeed solar shingles is more complex. According to CertainTeed, their shingles "function both as the roof covering and the solar PV collector." However, unlike Tesla's solar roofing options, CertainTeed's offering works with your existing roof, so it doesn't require total replacement.


• Sleek and uniform appearance that integrates seamlessly with asphalt shingles. • Concealed wiring (no exposed wire conduits). • Industry-leading reliability & warranty. – Patented state-of-the-art technology makes the Solstice Shingles one of the most electrically and mechanically robust solar shingles on the market. – 25y power production and workmanship warranty. – Complementary asphalt shingle and solar shingle warranties from the same company. • Market-leading impact and wind resistance for solar shingles. • Superior performance even on cloudy days & evenings boosting overall energy production.

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