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Certified Solar Installer

Roof Check is a Certified Tesla Solar Roof Installer, Certified Certainteed Solstice Installer, and a Certified Installer with the new GAF Timberline Solar. We have partnered with these three reputable companies whose products are at the forefront of the solar roofing industry. As a solar roof installer, we have products that will let your roof produce energy. We believe in providing a seamless and appealing integration that is appealing to the eye. Ready to find out more?

These integrated Solar Roofing options are a great opportunity for you as the buyer to have one system on your roof, a complete integrated roof system that defines the look of Solar and offers appeal and a full roof system that works together to be the best offerings for solar on the market.

TESLA Solar Roof

GAF Timberline Solar Roof

CertainTeed Solstice Solar Roof

Assessment and Review

Once you plan to install solar roofing, our professionals will assess your place and confirm the size and complexity. As a certified installer, we will give you precise details about the final hardware and installation details. This helps you make better decisions and understand how to save energy and use it in your daily chores.

Solar Installation

Many solar projects consume up to 90 days from planning to final inspection. A professional solar roof installer will evaluate the current roof and plan your roofing system accordingly to capture maximum sunlight. Depending on the roof area, it will take one or two days for tesla solar roof installation. 

Solar Roof Repair

Make sure that the solar panel’s repairs are complicated and costly. A small leak in the attic means you might temporarily need to remove the solar panel. As a professional certified solar installer, we know the exact procedure to install, uninstall, remove, and replace the system without any consequences.

Why hire Roof Check, Inc. for your solar roof installation?

1. Reduce Overhead Costs

As a business owner, you are always looking for a method to reduce investments. You already have to pay for insurance, property maintenance, supplies, and utilities. Why not save your electric energy costs?

Our professional team will provide solar roof installation consistent energy supply for every business ranging from small to large. A wide range of systems powered by electricity can now use solar energy to run.

We will reduce your electric bills by a great margin.

2. Sustainability and Longevity

Being a certified Colorado tesla solar roof installer, we will help you protect the future. By using the untapped renewable power source to lower the overhead electrical production. We ensure that you are making a great investment in the future with a great solar generation system.

Our solar system will reduce the electrical consumption cost and protect your future. This might be the best method to save you costs and the planet by using renewable power sources to enlighten your home or business.

3. Get Energy Independence

We provide you freedom from the local power company by converting it into solar power. After a successful solar roof installation Colorado, you will save a significant amount of money and have a reliable electric supply regardless of worrying about any commercial grid. 

Our team has a highly reliable, properly designed, and installed solar panel system. There are just a series of interconnected panels that will convert the sun’s rays into electricity, and the best part is you produce it independently. 

4. Boost the value of property

Installing quality solar panels on your property will increase the resale value. A home or business building with active power-generating solar panels has more weight in the market. This means that you will be making a great investment by getting an expert solar roof installer.

Suppose you plan to look for the best outdoor-friendly solar panel optimized for energy efficiency, lightweight, and portability. Then look no more. We have you covered at Roof-Check with a great team of solar roof certified installers at your service.

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