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Roof Check Inc. has been an industry leader in residential, industrial, and commercial roofing services since 1984. We deliver effective and innovative solutions regardless of the size and complexities.

Roofing Work

Quality Commercial Roofing Services

We are proudly one of the best commercial roofing companies in the Longmont area, offering amazing commercial roofing services to handle minimal to large projects. At Roof Check, we provide hassle-free services like repairing, metal roofing, and re-roofing. Now stand strong in extreme weather conditions with the help of specialized commercial roofing companies.

Commercial Roofing Services

Repair and Maintenance

To gain a healthy relationship with our clients, we provide a yearly maintenance plan to evaluate and maintain the commercial assets. Roof check’s commercial roofing services help you focus on your business growth rather than stressing about the repair and maintenance of the roof. 


Commercial Roof Replacement

Does your commercial roof need replacement? When you deal with the best commercial roofing services Colorado, you get a cost-effective and energy-saving solution for your new commercial roof. We are offering the right solution customized specifically for your rooftop. Our experts will provide suggestions to make sure you make the right choice during roof replacement.

New Construction

Commercial roofs must withstand extreme weather conditions, making it inevitable to use quality products for a successful project. As a commercial roofing company, we have an in-house CAD service to estimate every new construction project precisely. The roof check team has the right experience and knowledge to handle every requirement.

new roofing construction
roof restoration coatings

Restoration & Coatings

We provide full-service roofing, which includes restoration and coatings needed. As a commercial roofing services Colorado, we provide regular maintenance, repair and restoration of nearly all ages and types of existing roofs. This ensures that your roof has a long time and durability with the highest quality materials. 

Commercial Metals

Roof Check Inc. specializes in various types of metal roofing and metals fabrication. The state-of-art sheet metal fabrication helps to manufacture in-house products. Once you get metal roofing, it ensures longevity, heat resistance, and durability and is used for low or steep roofs. We guarantee to offer visually appealing and aesthetic value through our metal roofing services.


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Hiring experts will help to make the right investments for quality roofing services. You get extra protection for your house and belongings with quality and efficient roofing. Our roofing contractor will analyse your requirements and provide the solution that fits your budget.

2. Well-Equipped

We have all the necessary pieces of equipment to handle everything related to commercial roofing services Colorado. Roof Check ensures to finish the tasks quickly and effortlessly. When you have the job of fixing a leaky roof or replacing a section, it will be done with minimal effort.

3. Professional Commercial roofing

As one of the best commercial roofing companies, we can tackle any situation that comes up in a roofing project. We have trained contractors who will use proper procedures to repair and fix damages on your commercial roof.

4. Better Appearance

Roof replacement or new construction will provide an appealing look to your commercial roofing. We understand that people put a lot of sweat and tears into landscaping their roofs to provide an amazing look and feel.

5. Specialized Roofing Services

When you begin dealing with Roof check for commercial roofing services, you are working with people who work best in every scenario. We deal with projects from small offices to multi-acre industrial projects. We just aim to provide an outstanding roofing service after evaluating your requirements.

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Before you go away! Give a try to one of the best commercial roofing companies available in Colorado. Once you make the right investment, there are no regrets. We are highly equipped with the best tools and professionals to ensure long-term results.

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